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MONTH-YEAR: December - 2014
IN RE: Athletic Eligibility
APPELLANT: Kaley White-Ciluffo
APPELLEE: Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union
KEYWORDS: Athletic eligibility
DETAILS: White-Ciluffo seeks reversal of a decision that the IGHSAU Board of Directors [''Board''] made on September 12, 2014, finding that White-Ciluffo ineligible to compete in all sanctioned sports for the remainder of her high school career.
  White-Ciluffo is a very gifted runner.  Her high school coaches recognized that and wanted to protect her high school eligibility.  To further this goal they met with White-Ciluffo, White-Ciluffos mother, and the Athletic Director.  The rules were explained to her, a copy of the rules were given to her, and her mother acknowledged via email shortly thereafter that they understood the rules.  If White-Ciluffo had any questions she was encouraged to contact her coaches or her Athletic Director.
  White-Ciluffo ran in two meets against college-aged runners representing their schools on April 5th and June 7, 2014.  There can be no claim to ignorance.  White-Ciluffo was told the rules.  She violated the rules.  The Boards decision to find White-Ciluffo ineligible for the remainder of her high school career was appropriate in light of the Stipulated Facts.

  This decision is not issued lightly.  However, rules are for all athletes- for those gifted with talent and for others gifted with the desire to compete.  For White-Ciluffo to violate the rules after the rules were explained to her justifies this sanction.
OUTCOMES: The September 12, 2014 decision of the Board of Directors of the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union that found Kaley White-Ciluffo ineligible to compete in varsity interscholastic athletics is AFFIRMED. 

Any allegation not specifically addressed in this decision is either incorporated into an allegation that is specifically addressed or is overruled.  Any legal contention not specifically addressed is either addressed by implication in legal decision contained herein or is deemed to be without merit.  Any matter considered a finding of fact that is more appropriately considered a conclusion of law shall be so considered.  Any matter considered a conclusion of law that is more appropriately considered a finding of act shall be so considered.