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BOOK: 26 
MONTH-YEAR: April - 2011
IN RE: Propriety of paying certain technology expenditures from the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL).
APPELLANT: Auditor of State of Iowa
KEYWORDS: Propriety of funds, PPEL
DETAILS: Public comments and Technology Declaratory Order FAQs are available at the end of the full text PDF copy of the Declaratory Order referenced in the above link, in "Full Text" box.
OUTCOMES: Technology, as the term is used in section 298.3(1)(c) includes all of the components listed on page 88 herein as (a) through (q) except for the following, both of which are likely to be expenditures not associated with the initial acquisition of the laptop computers associated with the 1:1 initiative:
  •            Software that is educational or instructional software
  •            Professional development of staff that does not train staff in the operation of the computers