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BOOK: 26 
MONTH-YEAR: October - 2010
IN RE: Meskwaki Settlement School, Addendum to Declaratory Order as to 281--IAC 36.15(3) (General Transfer Rule)
APPELLANT: Meskwaki Settlement School
KEYWORDS: General Transfer Rule
DETAILS: South Tama County Community School District requested a clarification from the Iowa Department of Education regarding Declaratory Order 26 D.o.E. App. Dec. 44.  South Tama County High School points out that it did not ask for the relief from the General Transfer Rule to be reciprocal, and asks that it be allowed to exercise its general authority under Iowa Code sections 279.8 and 280.3, and 281--IAC 36.15(10 to impose additional eligibility requirements, in this case, imposing
OUTCOMES: South Tama County Community School District may choose, by local school board action, to fully honor the ineligibility period of the general transfer rule, 281--IAC 36,15(30, as long as the District does so uniformly regarding all students who transfer into its high school.  Officials at both schools shall work together to ensure that their students and families are aware of this Addendum.