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BOOK: 04 
MONTH-YEAR: November - 1986
IN RE: Donald and Katherine Blaess
APPELLANT: Donald and Katherine Blaess
APPELLEE: Howard-Winneshiek Community School District
KEYWORDS: excused absence; attendance policy
DETAILS: The appellants seek reversal of a decision made by the Howard-Winneshiek Community School District affirming the administrations failure to "excuse" an absence taken by their son.
  The school sent the appellants warning letters about their sons absences.  When the father called in to inform administration of a "personal day" and did not provide a more explicit reason, he was told the absence would be "unexcused" and loss of credit was impending. The primary issue under appeal is whether the parent may make the ultimate determination of the status of a childs "absence".
  The attendance policy allows the principal to make a judgment on whether to grant an exemption.  Policies that allow for special considerations and flexibility are to be applauded, and this one is no less praiseworthy.
OUTCOMES: The local boards decision is affirmed.