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BOOK: 28 
MONTH-YEAR: September - 2018
APPELLANT: Mother of K.A.
APPELLEE: Community School District and AEA
KEYWORDS: Evaluaiton, Assessment, Accommodation, FAPE
DETAILS: Complainant alleges her daughter was entitled to an IEP based on medical and educational diagnoses made by physicians and educational professionals.  In 2017, K.A. was provided a 504 Accommodation Plan to address her needs related to ADHD and anxiety.  K.A. was provided an IEP in math in 2018.  Mother believes K.A.s current IEP is not satisfactory and deprives her of a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) because it is limited to math and does not provide her with ongoing supplemental instructions in the area of language arts.
  Based on various evaluations and assessments, the District provided K.A. with a 504 plan to make accommodations, rather than specially designed instruction, to adequately address the students needs in reading, writing and math. Subsequently, in 2018, after it was determined K.A. had needs in math requiring special education, an IEP was provided.
OUTCOMES: ALJ finds students IEP is reasonable, and is reasonably calculated, to enable K.A. to make progress appropriate in light of her particular circumstances.  Complainants have not proven that Respondents denied FAPE to K.A.  The Complainants requested relief is denied, and the complaint is dismissed