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BOOK: 27 
MONTH-YEAR: May - 2014
APPELLANT: G.L.s Parents
APPELLEE: [] CSD and Mississippi Bend AEA
KEYWORDS: Reimbursement of Travel and Education Costs
DETAILS: Parents filed a Complaint seeking reimbursement of education and travel-related costs following unilateral placement of high school student in private out-of-state academy for the upcoming school year, alleging that Iowa school district and AEA violated the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) by failing to offer the student a free appropriate public education (FAPE). 
  Iowa school district and AEA prevailed in prior IDEA action related to previous school year.  The district and AEA moved to dismiss the complaint, arguing that the student could no longer claim residency in the Iowa district after the student and his mother moved to another state and the student enrolled in a public school district in other state.  Only upcoming school year, for which the student was enrolled in the other state, was at issue. 
OUTCOMES: Decision held that the student was no longer a resident of Iowa, for school purposes, and all claims for relief related to duty of Iowa school district and AEA to serve the student in the future were moot.  The Complaint was dismissed in its entirety.