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BOOK: 26 
MONTH-YEAR: May - 2012
IN RE: IDEA State Complaint
APPELLEE: Redacted
KEYWORDS: Accessible instructional materials; assistive technology
DETAILS: The Department has issued a decision regarding an IDEA state complaint regarding a student with a disability that affected the students ability to fully access textbooks and instructional technology.  The student is enrolled in a district that issues laptop computers to its students. 
  The ruling is applicable to all districts that issue laptop computers to their students.  The Department concluded the district violated the IDEA by failing to provide accessible textbooks in a timely manner (at the same time as non-disabled students received their textbooks) and by failing to provide assistive technology required by the students IEP.  The students laptop did not have required assistive technology for the first seven (7) weeks of school.
  To remedy the violation, the Department ordered compensatory education and staff training.
OUTCOMES: The alleged violations in the complaint are CONFIRMED.