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MONTH-YEAR: April - 2010
APPELLEE: The School District and the Area Education Agency, And Dr. J.F., Third Party
KEYWORDS: IEP, school placement
DETAILS: The Appellant, challenged her sons IEP/Placement Team decision to transition him to a large suburban high school for completion of his high school education.  She requested that her sons education be continued in the junior high building where he had received program and services in grades 7-9.  Her expressed concern was that the sons prior history of transition between schools indicated a strong likelihood of a significant loss of academic, verbal, and social skills,''an absolute regression, possibly permanent.''  She expressed concern of a potential increase in physical aggression toward others and likely attempts to ''escape'' from the high school building.
OUTCOMES: The Appellees prevailed on all issues.  It was determined that the mothers concerns were ''speculative,'' and the decision made by the IEP/Placement Team was based in a sound understanding of the students long term needs.  The Appellant failed to meet her burden of proving that the IEP/Placement Team had failed to properly address the students needs in transitioning to a high school setting.