The Annual Progress Report (APR) assessment data has been removed from this site as the Department works to improve the reporting of this data.

We anticipate that new reporting will be available in Fall, 2014.


         For general public access to similar public district/building assessment data Please visit and click on Student Reports.


         For public district/building access to non-redacted data Please log-in to the Iowa Education portal at and sign into EdInsight. You can view assessment data in the APR Student Achievement Report or the School Improvement Data Report.


          For non-public school access to non-redacted data Please make a request to your school improvement consultant if you need access to this data for 2012-13.


o   Keystone AEA Holly Barnes,, (515) 242-6173

o   AEA 267 Eric Heitz,, (515) 281-4726

o   Prairie Lakes AEA Cindy Butler,, (515) 281-5332

o   Mississippi Bend AEA Holly Barnes/Barb Byrd,, (515) 242-6173/(515) 250-4724

o   Grant Wood AEA Fred Kinne,, (515) 281-6293

o   Heartland AEA Beth Happe,, (515) 281-3427

o   Northwest AEA Beth Calhoun,, (515) 281-8170

o   Green Hills AEA Janet Boyd,, (515) 281-3198

o   Great Prairie AEA Barb Byrd,, (515) 250-4724