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C-Plan Reports and General Information

C-Plan or Consolidated Plan is a collection site for reports, data and progress notes for districts and schools. C-Plan functions as a school or district-wide planning tool that guides the instructional focus (goal priorities) for school districts and accredited nonpublic schools in Iowa. C-Plan does not contain all that a school does; it contains actions that are centered on improving teaching and learning, at a minimum, in the areas of reading, mathematics, science, and other local indicators for student achievement.

The following plans have been consolidated into C-Plan:
  • Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP)
  • Annual Progress Report (APR)
  • District Developed Service Delivery Plan (DDSDP)
  • Schools In Need of Assistance/Districts in need of Assistance (SINA/DINA) Plan

C-Plan is organized around the seven characteristics of improving schools. These characteristics specifically address the actions districts and schools might be taking to continuously improve:
  1. Vision, Mission, and Goals
  2. Curriculum and Instruction
  3. Leadership
  4. Professional Development
  5. Collaborative Relationships
  6. Monitoring and Accountability
  7. Learning Environment
The elements do not stand alone: they are interdependent and part of a dynamic process. Each element must be revisited time and again as the staff gather and examine relevant data, develop and refine their vision; and employ the resources needed to provide continuous school improvement.

Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP)

As a part of ongoing improvement, schools and districts adopt a written comprehensive school improvement plan (CSIP) designed for continuous school, parental, and community involvement in the development and monitoring of a plan that is aligned with school or school district determined needs. The plan incorporates goal setting, planning, and evaluation.

Annual Progress Report (APR)

The APR is an electronic report submitted to the Iowa Department of Education (IDoE) annually (September 15th) by public districts and accredited non-public schools. This report includes information regarding academic proficiency, academic goals, dropouts, graduation rates, attendance rates, and post-secondary data.

District Developed Service Delivery Plan (DDSDP)

The DDSDP is a written description of the district’s special education delivery system in required areas (how services will be provided; how the system was developed; determining, monitoring, and resolving concerns regarding teacher caseloads; evaluating the effectiveness of the system; how the system will meet state targets/needs identified) according to the Iowa Rules (41.408(2). These plans must be reviewed, revised, and readopted at least every 5 years. This process is typically completed by September 15th of the year following the district’s School Improvement Visit.

Schools/Districts in Need of Assistance (SINA/DINA) Plans

Under NCLB, public school districts and public schools must report the academic progress of all students in grades 3 to 8 and 11 and students by subgroups and their test participation rates in the subject areas of reading and mathematics. Public elementary and middle school average daily attendance (ADA) rates and public high school graduation rates are the additional indicators for public school districts.

If a school does not meet the annual AYP state participation goals or state Annual Measurable Objectives (AMO) in reading or mathematics assessment in either the “all students” group or any one of the subgroups for two consecutive years, it is designated as a school in need of assistance, which is also referred to as SINA. SINA schools that receive Title I funds are required to comply with NCLB sanctions, which include writing a plan, offering school choice, etc. SINA schools that do not receive Title I funds, do not have to comply with NCLB sanctions, although it may be advantageous for them to work through the planning process.

If a district does not meet the annual AYP state participation goals or state AMO in either the “all students” group or any one of the subgroups within the required grade spans (3-5, 6-8, and 11) in the same subject area (either reading or mathematics) for two consecutive years, it shall be identified as a district in need of assistance, which is also referred to as DINA. If a district does not meet the goals for district level K-8 average daily attendance rate and high school graduation rate for two consecutive years, it also shall be identified as a district in need of assistance. Districts that have been identified as DINA for 3 years are required to write a DINA plan.

If the district and state/AEA have not yet certified a plan, you will receive a message indicating this. As plans are certified, they will be included in real-time on this site. Please note that numeric response fields that are less than 10 will be considered small cell size data and will be redacted with an *. This is consistent with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and is in place to protect individual student data.
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